Belāggles Belay Glasses


Our goal at Vertical Vision is to make climbing and belaying a comfortable and safe experience for everyone, but also to do it with some style. Our unique brand and product Belāggles, patented glasses for belaying, are the initial testament to that end. We've put countless hours of research and testing to ensure that the Belāggles belay glasses fit comfortably, allow for maximum belaying utility, look good, and, last but not least, return superior value for money.

Like you, we really aspire to be great climbers, but, as the old saying goes, "underneath every great climber there is a great belayer." Okay, we made that up but we can't forget the essential role a belayer plays in getting their partner to the top. We can't help but admit that we also aspire to be great belayers. We want our eyes to be on the climber, always. But, due to neck fatigue, wandering attention, and many other reasons, we know that’s not always the case. That’s why we designed Belāggles; to keep the belayer comfortable to focus on what’s important at that time: the climber.

We will continue to improve Belāggles and introduce new styles, colors and accessories to enhance your belaying experience. Belāggles are for you, to improve your climbing experience, and to get you and your partner back safely for the next climbing trip.

We hope you love your Belāggles as much as we love them and love making them for you!

The History of Belay Glasses...well, kinda.

As early as the 1960s people have found all sorts of uses for belay glasses. This guy seems to enjoy reading the newspaper with his. If only he knew about climbing.

We're interested to see how else you would use your Belāggles. Post a picture of yourself belaying, or doing something more innovative, with your Belāggles on our Facebook Page.

Personally we also enjoy using them for star gazing.

Have fun belaying!!